Decorate Your Dorm Without Breaking The Bank

It's that time of year again.

As August rolls around, students around the country are gearing up to return to college campuses. Whether it’s your senior year (🙋 ) or your freshman year, the exciting idea of decorating your dorm room will soon ensue.

But designing a room that is très chic in such a small space can be hard. And doing it on a budget is even harder. No matter where you go to school or what type of layout your room has, it’s important that your dorm provides an escape for you amidst the chaos of navigating college life.

After three years of decorating my own dorm room, I know how to make my space feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing. During my freshman year, it was all about fun pops of colors and lots of wall decoration. Now that I am a senior, I want to focus on neutral and white colors, and use different materials (like fur and metal) to add texture to a monochromatic room.

To get you started on your own dorm decoration, check out some of my favorite must-have pieces that will instantly change any dismal space into a bright, organized and stylish haven. The best part? The below items work for decorating on a budget.

Light-weight curtains
These curtains will give you privacy without adding too much darkness to your room. ($9.99)
A decorative pillow
Adding a fun touch of metallic, like this decorative pillow, to your all-white bedding is an easy way to add style without over-doing it. ($31.99)
A floor lamp
This standing lamp will instantly add a level of chic to any boring dorm room. ($45.99)
A carpet
Hide any ugly dorm room floor with this cute rug. ($23.99)
A furry pillow
Change up the texture of your room with a fun fur pillow. ($36.00)
An accent chair
Make your room feel a lot more homey with this comfy chair. (94.99)
A comforter for your duvet
A simple comforter to fit into your duvet is a must. ($15.99)
White bedding
Pottery Barn
Having all white bedding allows you to add pops of color and patterns elsewhere in your room, and it never goes out of style. ($47.00)
An accent pillow
Make your room feel personal with a monogramed pillow. ($24.00)
A bookshelf
Clear clutter and showcase your photos on this simple shelf set. ($81.99)
A storage container
Make your storage part of your decoration with cute wicker baskets. ($11.04)
A desk lamp
Brighten up your desk with this classic lamp. ($19.99)
Desk organizers
Keep your papers in order with this magazine holder. ($4.99)
A filing system
Adding this organizer to your desk will instantly play up your room's cool factor. ($24.99)
A desk accessory
This letter organizer would make the perfect accent of color in your room. ($7.99)
A linen set
If you want a patterned bed, make sure to keep it in a neutral palette, like in this simple set. ($39.99)
A towel set
Bed Bath and Beyond
A towel set is a must in college, and this one keeps it simple without being boring. ($24.99)
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