Decorating to Hide Unsightly Doors: Create a Hidden Door

Decorating to Hide Unsightly Doors: Create a Hidden Door
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Not every home is built with an ideal design in every room. A most frustrating design flaw is a door just plopped in the center of a wall in a fashionable living room or bedroom. This is when one needs to use their creative side in order to incorporate a doorway into the decor so that it is no longer seen as the so called, "Elephant in the room."

Hidden Door in Plain Sight

A door hidden within the furnishings creates a beautiful decor as well as a secret passage way. Ever dream of having a covert passage to a hidden room where no one can find you? By melding the ugly door in the center of the room into the decor one can have access to another room or closet that has been creatively hidden away. A bonus to your secret room is utilizing the new hidden door as if a piece of furniture to showcase books and collectables, or extra storage.

Elaborate Armoire

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Imagine turning a beautiful armoire worthy of center stage status in the room's decor into a route to a closet. Instead of staring at a lost door from the bed one can be looking at a beautifully engraved piece of furniture drifting off to dreamland. Open the armoires doors to reveal a full walk-in closet. Utilize the inside of the armoire to hang hooks to store belts, pocketbooks and robes.

Wall Panel

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A library or media room with lush wood paneled walls is a beautiful site. Oops a door has just appeared as if a pimple in the middle of the wall. Take the standard door out. Hide the entire opening within the panels and molding to create a seamless paneled wall.


Image courtesy of by Creative Home Engineering

Perhaps a wall to wall bookcase is your dream decor but unfortunately the wall that the bookcase would be perfect on has the snag of a doorway to another room. No worries, replace the door with a section of the bookcase that not only displays books but opens on hinges to reveal the hidden room behind it.

Niche Display

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So, the area under the stairway is collecting junk and you want to hide the unsightly storage without swapping it for an awkward looking door. Instead create a beautiful wood cubby display that secretly opens to a useful area to hide away the stuff from guests' eyes.

Wine Storage

Image courtesy of by Creative Home Engineering

The basement door can be an ugly blemish on the wall between a kitchen and formal dining room. Turn the door into a built-in wine rack to showcase lovely red wines ready for popping open to entertain. Now the unsightly door has become a beautiful piece of furniture for others to envy.

Media Wall

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The kids have finally moved out and it is time to turn the extra bedroom into a dream media room. One problem is that the perfect place to mount the large screen TV is on the closet wall. Now how will you save the much-needed closet space while also having the screen of your dreams. Easy, build the giant flat screen into paneled molding that looks beautiful on the wall and can flip up to reveal the closet opening.

Chest of Drawers

Image courtesy of by Creative Home Engineering

There is a useful crawlspace off a room. Unfortunately, the door to the space is in the center of a short wall within an eave taking up space that is useful for needed furniture. Magically make the door disappear behind dresser drawers that swing open within the frame of the cabinet piece.

Cool project ideas showcase uniquely designed hidden passageways crafted to replace ugly doors with beautiful furniture. Inspiration is important when on the quest to create a beautiful decor. Looking at others beautiful and ingenious work will get your imagination going to create your own secret hidden door.

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