'Dedicate Your Vote To A Woman' Tweets Show Just How Far We’ve Come

Here's to all the women who made this historic election possible.

This election has been a lifetime in the making for some women in the U.S., born into a world where they didn’t have the right to vote and are now on the verge of seeing the country’s first woman president.

So as voters head to the polls to decide this historic election, some Twitter users are using the #DedicateYourVoteToAWoman hashtag to honor the women who came before them. 

People are using the hashtag to pay tribute to their mothers, grandmothers and other women who grew up in a remarkably different world.  

Others dedicated their votes to their daughters and young women who will grow up in a country where a woman holds the highest office. 

Some tweets honored feminist heroes throughout history, or took note of the rights women struggled to win.

And a few women took a moment on Election Day to think about what their vote means for themselves. 

And other Twitter users simply honored the important women in their lives, past and present. 



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