Dedicated Crossing Guard Gets a Delightful Christmas Surprise

Crossing guards across the country are a dedicated set of individuals whom we depend on each and every school day to keep our children safe and sound, and Texas crossing guard Nathaniel Kendrick, also known by students and parents in the community as "Mr. Kent", is no different. After retiring from the City of Dallas many years ago, Kendrick decided to become a school crossing guard and has since brightened the smiles of children each day as he safely escorts them across the street on their way to school.

While Kendrick spends his days making sure children in the neighborhood arrive to school safely, once the day is done he spends his evenings taking care of his wife who has recently fallen ill. Not long ago, as the mounting expenses from his wife's ailment began to add up, "Mr. Kent" and his wife started having financial difficulties and two weeks ago his vehicle was repossessed. Nathaniel Kendrick has become a beloved member in his community, so when he began falling upon hard times, a group of local dads decided it was time to step in.

This group of special dads, who are members of The Friends of the Lakewood Community group, knew they had to do something, so together they raised enough money to make a real difference in the life of this dedicated and caring man. The video of this epic event has since gone viral as the crossing guard's reaction to his surprise early Christmas gift touches the hearts of all who view it.

When a vehicle pulls up and parks right in the middle of the crosswalk, Nathaniel Kendrick immediately uses his authority to demand that the car be moved. Imagine the warmth that must have melted over him as a father from the group said "Well it's your car.... Why don't you move it?" While Kendrick stood speechless, with a look of gratitude and amazement on his face, a voice can be heard in the background telling him "You deserve every bit of this", and he did.

As the Christmas holiday draws nearer, let this be an example to us all of how we can each make a difference in the lives of those in our community. May no family struggle without the support of their neighbors, may no child do without the things that they need in order to thrive, and may no individual feel abandoned and alone during hard times. Let us notice the weak, the hungry and the less fortunate, and let us come together throughout the nation to ensure that nobody is ever forgotten or left behind.

As we continue to experience these last few days of 2014, may we each make a promise to continue to give our love and support to those around us not just during the holidays, but each and every day throughout all of the coming years.
wishes to thank the selfless individuals in this article, and those across the nation who have gone the extra mile to make a difference.