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Deep-Fried Beer, It's A Thing (VIDEO)

Learn how to make this ridiculous food at home.
10/10/2012 09:15am ET

In recent years, the number of foods you can drop in the deep fryer has vastly expanded. People are deep-frying butter, Twinkies and even Girl Scout cookies.

But we're no longer just frying food, beverages are being fried too. It was shocking to see deep-fried Kool-Aid served at state fairs -- honestly, that drink didn't need any help being bad for you -- but when we saw that deep-fried beer was a thing, we were straight-up flabbergasted.

Why would anyone want to fry their beer? Doesn't it lose all of its thirst-quenching properties? The video above shows you how to make pretzel bread and beer ravioli that you fry, but it doesn't explain why you would want to. While we're not saying that we wouldn't try deep-fried beer, we're just not sure we agree with the principle of doing it.

On a side note, the pretzel bread dough was a wise choice; pretzels and beer have always been a natural combination. Would you eat your beer deep-fried?

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