Deep-Fried Candy Corn Is Terrifying And Tempting All At Once

Amy Erickson of the Oh, Bite It! blog knows a thing or two about deep-frying. She deep-fried marshmallow Peeps for Easter and pumpkin spice latte for fall (yes, really); and she’s even got a deep-fried tequila shot recipe.

But for all her frying prowess, it seems Erickson may have bitten off a little more than she can chew this week with her latest Halloween-themed deep-fried creation.

World, may we introduce Erickson’s deep-fried candy corn:

Made with candy corn, Pillsbury crescent dough and a dusting of powdered sugar, these doughy confections are “buttery” and “tender,” promises Erickson on her blog.

“Make a batch of these and let them melt in your mouth,” she writes.

But despite her enthusiasm, Erickson’s fried candy corn recipe has attracted plenty of skepticism — and shock — from netizens this week, who say the blogger may have taken things a little "too far."

Fried. candy corn. LISTEN, MAYNE.

— Laraine Lujack (@therainebeaux) October 21, 2014

Erickson's recipe might be the center of this current candy corn controversy, but the blogger is actually not the first to suggest deep-frying the iconic Halloween candy.

In 2011, Southern Living posted a video on its YouTube page giving step-by-step instructions on how to make the fried confection. "You'll be the most popular house on the block if you pass out these treats," the lifestyle magazine said at the time.

What do you think of fried candy corn? Weigh in here:

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