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Deep-Fried Cereal: The Newest Gross-Out Item On The County Fair Circuit

Last summer, the Internet went absolutely bonkers for deep-fried Kool-Aid balls, made of Kool-Aid powder, water and flour. The creator of this masterpiece, Charlie Boghosian, couldn't just rest on his laurels. This year, he's back at the San Diego County Fair with a new item: deep-fried cereal.

With a choice of Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the "delicacy" is tossed in the fryer and served with a bit of syrup and cereal garnish. Darlene of the food blog My Burning Kitchen, said it "didn't leave as much as impression as last year’s items." The Imperial Beach Patch felt similarly, calling the Trix version "disappointing" (see more of the fair's fare here).

It goes to show you, when it comes to fried food, maybe you can't get any better than Kool-Aid. In the video below about the 2012 fair, Boghosian says that he sold 1.1 million balls of Kool-Aid last year.

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