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Deep-Fried Gun: Obdulio Gudiel Arrested After Shot Goes Off At Las Vegas Restaurant

Looks like deep-frying can be a health hazard in more ways than one.

A gunshot at a Las Vegas restaurant Sunday night was caused by "a firearm being tossed into a deep fryer and exploding," according to a Las Vegas police report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Obdulio Gudiel, 44, was arrested and charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident.

Roberto Casprowitz told police that Gudiel had approached him and another man in the parking lot and told them to give him money. The two drove away and called the cops, and the gun went off while the business was being evacuated.

According to the report, one of the restaurant workers told police that a man had asked her to hold his gun for him when police showed up, but she refused. It's unclear whether or not she identified that man as Gudiel.

Gudiel says the entire incident is a misunderstanding, 8 News Now reports. Officers say he told them one of the men in the parking lot was his nephew, and that they owed him money. He also reportedly said that he did not have a gun that night.

The deep-fried gun ended up not hurting anyone, but even so, we'd rather take our chances with Twinkies and Oreos.

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