Deep Fried Nacho Cheese -- The Next Big Fair Food?


It seems like each year at state fairs across the country there's that one food that everyone is talking about. Last year it was deep fried butter. The year before that? A burger that utilized a Krispy Kreme doughnut as a bun. What will next year's big hit be? I'd like to nominate deep fried nacho cheese as an early front runner. I know that initially it may sound a bit ridiculous, but bear with me here.

It's created by freezing cubes of nacho cheese which are dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and then rolled in flour before being dropped into a deep fryer. Whereas regular flour is traditionally used in situations like this though, in this instance I swapped it out for corn flour. The result? The breading tasted just like a taco shell!

Nothing good comes easy however, and my first few attempts at making deep fried nacho cheese were a total disaster. My batter wasn't even close to being thick enough, which caused the nacho cheese cubes to melt much faster than the breading cooked. This caused the cheese to separate from the corn flour coating and left me with a pool of nacho cheese floating at the top of the 375° oil. After a couple attempts though I discovered that triple battering the cheese cubes is the perfect way to solve this problem.

Once all the kinks were worked out though the deep fried nacho cheese actually ended up tasting pretty good. The only thing I'd change if I made it again is that I'd make the cheese cubes a little smaller just so there was closer cheese to breading ratio. Adding some jalapeño slices to the cheese or some sour cream for dipping purposes might not be a bad idea either....