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Deep-Fried Corn Soup Is Totally Real At KFC Japan

How is such a thing possible?!

KFC Japan is giving the wacky deep-fried concessions often found at U.S. state fairs a run for their money. The chain recently announced it'll start serving deep-fried corn potage fritters -- fried balls of corn soup -- available beginning September 5.

Corn potage is a popular soup in Japan, found anywhere from upscale cafes to convenience stores like 7-Eleven. According to RocketNews24, it's "one of the current darlings of the Japanese palate." Corn potage-flavored snacks also abound, like potato chips and puffs.

So how's it possible to deep fry soup? A glob of corn potage is covered in batter and then chucked in the deep fryer. If you're still scratching your heads, we'd like to point to other greasy concoctions previously thought to be un-fry-able. Like deep-fried Kool-Aid balls, fried ice cream and deep-fried beer. Anything is possible -- believe and you will achieve!


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