Deep Fried Turkey With Sam Sifton And Bon Appetit (VIDEO)

Sam Sifton and Bon Appetit demonstrate the safe and delicious way to deep fry a turkey.

Okay. We'll admit it. We're already thinking about Thanksgiving.

Our favorite food holiday will be here before we know it -- and with it all the usual questions. How should we cook our turkeys? Should we brine our turkeys? Should we eat goose instead? Invariably the subject of deep fried turkey will arise, and we'd just like to be sure that you don't burn your house down when you try. That's why Sam Sifton and Bon Appetit got together in this video (beautifully filmed by Matt Duckor), demonstrating the safe, proper and delicious way to deep fry a turkey. (Spoiler alert: it involves a grappling hook.)

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