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Deep-Fat Frying Vegetables Is 'Almost As Healthy' As Sautéing, According To Amanda Cohen

The fastest way to get people to eat their vegetables is to fry them. Or, as Amanda Cohen of the famed New York City vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy says, deep-FAT fry them.

That phrase -- deep-fat frying -- is enough to scare anyone who's looking to get some nutrient-dense veggies in their digestive system. But, according to Cohen, it's "almost as healthy as sautéing something in a pan with oil." How can this be, you ask? Cohen explains that the food is protected by batter, so it is essentially steaming, not frying, the vegetable itself. Sweeter words have never been spoken.

Watch the video above by Munchies to learn from the master how to perfectly fry vegetables. Cohen has come up with a flaky vodka seltzer batter for broccoli that has spectacular results. She will also show you how to deep-fat fry a candy bar, which we're sorry to report, is absolutely as unhealthy as it sounds.

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