Yoga In A Club With A Live DJ Will Make You Feel Like An Actual Warrior

Yoga In A Club With A Live DJ Will Make You Feel Like An Actual Warrior

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What We Tried: Deep House Yoga, a vinyasa class taught to the soundtrack of a live techno DJ.

Where: On the dance floor of Verboten, a nightclub in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For How Long: The class lasted one hour.

How It Felt: "There seems to be a movement around 'wellness clubbing' right now," George Faya, Verboten's manager and one of the class DJs, told HuffPost, referencing the increasingly popular sober morning raves that have popped up in cities from Melbourne to San Francisco. "I wanted to integrate health and wellness into my life, and night-clubbing is part of that lifestyle."

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Deep House Yoga takes "wellness clubbing" a step further, creating an opportunity for full-body contemplation in an environment that otherwise may feel incongruous to meditation and reflection. But the unlikely combination worked.

Faya's mix, which ebbed and flowed with our postures, helped to keep my practice energized and inspired. The video projections of psychedelic winter scenes wrapping around three walls provided calming points of focus. And the darkened environment reminded me that for a full hour, my mind should be dedicated to my body.

Faya added that for many of his students, yoga and live music serve similar purposes. "People find a sense of spirituality through music," he said. "So this union is not so far-fetched."

While sweating in Warrior II pose with lights and beats swirling all around me didn't necessarily bring me closer to a religion, I did feel a little bit like an actual warrior.

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What It Helps With: Yoga offers myriad benefits to both the body and mind, from flexibility and strength training to mindfulness practice. Although there's no proof that a nightclub atmosphere can improve physical or mental health, Deep House Yoga's environment is certainly an asset to people who enjoy spending their Saturday nights on the dance floor.

What Fitness Level Is Required: The class is accessible to practitioners at all levels, but the instructor isn't particularly hands on, so a basic understanding of yoga is recommended.

What It Costs: $20 for one class or $75 for a five-class package.

Would We Do It Again: Bring on the beats! While it's no substitute for a regular yoga practice, Deep House Yoga brings a welcome change of pace from a traditional wooden, airy studio. I'm especially excited for the outdoor sunset sessions coming this summer.

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