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Anita Bhoumik, Journalist & MTV Host, On Her Deep-Pore Cleansing Trick

We barely recognized MTV Trendy host Anita Bhoumik while strolling through Union Square last week. The VJ, who was in town from Moscow visiting her dad, looked incognito in barely-there makeup, a fedora and a herringbone winter coat.

"People on the street are dressed more casually here -- it's about comfort. People look good but they think of comfort first," Bhoumik said. "In Moscow, people go to the bakery or take their garbage out with eight-inch heels and makeup on like they're going to a ball or something. In New York, people are relaxed, they are dressing comfortably. I have to find a balance when I visit -- my heels aren't as high and I wear less makeup. And I do feel more comfortable."

With her gorgeous face not so covered up, we had to find out her skincare secrets. She uses a "recipe" that her father passed on to her. "He does this and his skin looks so good, and he is much older than me," said Bhoumik.

She explained, "To open the pores, I put my face under a towel and over hot water for a couple minutes. But be careful [that] it's not too hot to burn you. Then follow by washing your face. The effect is much better than just washing your face because all of your pores are open for cleansing." Guess we'll be doing things differently tonight.

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Beauty Street Style: Anita Bhoumik

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