Deepak Chopra Tackles The Big Questions In Jared Leto's New Web Series

'What is God?'

The Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto is asking the world's most influential thinkers to help him answer life's biggest questions. 

Leto's new series, "Beyond The Horizon" features conversations with thought leaders in technology, art, politics and science. The series kicked off last month with an interview with acclaimed author and mind-body specialist Deepak Chopra.

One of the first questions Leto had for Chopra was, "What is God?"

"We're all God in different disguises," Chopra answered. "Just like there is one electricity for all contraptions, we all have the spark of the same consciousness."

"Who you are, at the deepest level, you're a stardust being."

Watch the interviews on this page and go to AOL Build's Beyond The Horizon for Chopra's thoughts on death, the future, and for upcoming conversations with guests like Edward Snowden, Al Gore, and Elon Musk. 

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