Deepak Chopra Talks 'Sexual Energy'

You've probably heard it before but Deepak Chopra wants to tell it to you again: meditation can help rev up your sexual energy.

Why is that? Because spiritual energy and sexual energy are the same, he told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd.

"They're both creative energies of the universe," he said. "You need sexual energy to create a new life, but it's also the creative energy behind any creative work -- whether it's music or art or science -- you have some of the same flavors of experience that you have in peak experience of sexuality. So they're very connected."

Chopra noted that by altering the consciousness that meditation brings us to, we inhibit both our sexual and spiritual energies.

"If you take alcohol or substances that suppress your awareness," he remarked, "then as Shakespeare would have said, it increases the desire but takes away the performance."

Watch the rest of Deepak Chopra's interview with HuffPost Live below:



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