Deer Steals Cigarettes After Attacking Joseph Rose, Cole Kellis (VIDEO)

Deer Attacks Men, Steals Cigarettes

One more reason not to smoke: Deer attacks.

Cole Kellis and Joseph Rose of Whitehouse, Texas, found out about this hazard on Friday when they ran into a young buck in their front yard, according to KETK-TV.

The deer seemed friendly, so Rose approached it.

Big mistake, as the deer charged them and began to attack. The men ran to Rose's pick-up hoping to escape, but the buck poked Rose in the ribs with his antlers, forcing Rose to jump into the back of the truck for safety.

Rose was safe, but his cigarettes were not.

"[The deer] climbed up [into the truck cab], put his front paws on my seat and got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing on them," Rose said.

When the buck got even more aggressive, Rose and Kellis called the police and the Game Warden for help.

Even with the use of a stun gun, it took five men to restrain the angry, tobacco-addicted buck.

Smith County Game Warden Dustin Dockery suggested that the whole incident could have been avoided.

"Admire deer from a distance, but do not approach them because they can be dangerous," he told the KETK-TV.

This nicotine-loving deer isn't the only antlered creature to cause trouble in recent months.

And back in September, a couple in Austin, Texas, had to deal with a deer that repeatedly attacked a sign supporting Barack Obama on their front lawn.

Signs supporting Republican candidates were unharmed.

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