Deer Breaks Into Indiana Home, Apparently Manages To Take A Bath (VIDEO)

WATCH: Deer Breaks Into Home, Apparently Takes A Bath

An Indiana couple's home was left in disarray after an area deer apparently jumped through a window and into the bathroom, where the animal somehow managed to draw a bath.

KPC News reports that police were alerted that a deer had entered the Auburn, Ind. home at 9:39 a.m. When authorities arrived to address the unwanted visitor, they followed the noise of a ruckus to the bathroom where they found the deer lying in a tub filled with water.

The Associated Press reports that Auburn Police Sgt. Tom Weicht stunned the animal so that they could remove it from the home, but the deer died shortly thereafter from wounds it had suffered during the break-in.

Chris Coleman, who has lived in the Auburn home for 25 years with her husband, described the incident as "It’s absolutely crazy. What possessed it to jump through my front door?" to KPC.

The incident recalls a less tragic deer break-in in Utah last Christmas Eve, when a five-foot buck fell into a family's basement window, ABC reported. Though the buck reportedly trampled a few Christmas gifts, little other damage was done.

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