Deer Crashes Through Pennsylvania Bus Windshield, Runs Around Inside, 'Exits' Through Door (VIDEO)

WATCH: Deer Crashes Through Bus Windshield, Escapes Through Door

Silly deer, that's not how you board the bus!

In an amazing piece of raw footage taken Tuesday from a CamTran city bus in Johnstown, Pa., cameras catch the moment a whitetail deer hurtles through a bus windshield, startling the driver.

Disoriented, albeit conscious, the deer attempts to bound back out the windshield, then proceeds to race around the mostly deserted bus a few times.

Finally, the driver opens the door, and the deer escapes back out into the wild.

Neither the bus driver, nor his one human passenger were injured during the incident, according to the CBS Pittsburgh.

"The driver immediately stopped the bus," CamTran spokesman Josh Yoder told The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. "He opened the door and the deer just walked off the bus."

The vehicle was taken later to a maintenance garage.

A PBS documentary that aired May 8 notes that nearly 30 million deer currently live in North America, where their growing population has put them in increasing contact with humans, which inevitably leads to accidents on the road. State Farm Insurance suggests around 1.23 millon deer were hit by vehicles between July 2011 and July 2012.

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