Deer In Bar Causes Damage And Panic In Ohio (VIDEO)

WATCH: Deer Crashes Into Bar, Tears Place Apart

The insurance company didn't even believe Luke's Bar and Grill in Bluffton, Ohio.

In this crazy security camera footage from CNN, a deer dove through a window into the bar last Friday, slipping and flailing, knocking over chairs and breaking tables, and causing a panic among customers and employees.

Luckily a quick-thinking employee propped open the back door. You can see him sprinting away as the deer comes barreling out the door, no doubt relieved to be free.

The deer might have been fleeing a hunter, since Ohio is in the middle of open season.

Now on the cardboard patching the broken window is written "Two beers for a buck, NO HUNTING."

These incidents might start to happen more often. As the population of deer rises in Ohio, accidents are on the rise too. Though they are usually more along the line of car accidents.

Perhaps the deer need birth control?


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