Deer Caught On Camera Engaging In Bizarre 'Slap Fight'

"You want a piece of me?"

Oh, deer.

A bizarre “slap fight” between two bucks in Tennessee is now getting lots of hits on the Internet.

This “Battle of the Bambis” was filmed earlier this week in Hardeman County, Tennessee, by Amy and Bubba Spencer, two trail officers for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The video shows both bucks standing on their hind legs, trying to smack their opponents with their front hooves in a battle for dominance.

It looks a little weird, but TWRA officials said the animals fight this way because their antlers are still growing and very sensitive this time of year.

When the antlers get stronger near the fall, the bucks will start using them instead of standing up and hoofing it like in this video, according to WATE TV.

The “slap fight” may look super awkward to humans, but it’s actually quite vicious, according to WBIR TV.

The hooves are extremely sharp and can do some damage if they hit the right ― or wrong ― spot.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 200,000 times since being posted, suggesting that buck battles are near and dear to the hearts of many.

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