Colorado Town Already Selling Out Of Drone Hunting Licenses Before Ordinance Vote

Colorado Town Already Selling Out Of Drone Hunting Licenses

The small town of Deer Trail, Colorado is scoring such huge interest in their unofficial drone hunting licenses that they've stopped counting how many checks they've had to turn away, a report by The Denver Post says.

Earlier this year, Phillip Steel drafted an anti-drone ordinance but town residents won't be able to vote on the ordinance until a special election on Oct. 8. Still, that hasn't kept Steel from selling the fake licenses online for $25.

Steel however tells 7News that this is not a scam and points out that the license itself says that it may not be recognized.

Below the signature of the "sovereign" Mayor of Deer Trail Frank Fields, in fine print, the license states:

"License may not be recognized by tyrannical municipal, state or federal governments."

The licenses supposedly give permission to shoot down government drones over the town of Deer Trail and purport to pay up to $100 for taking out a whole drone.

On Tuesday, The Denver Post reported that Steel had sold about 60 drone hunting licenses, but by Thursday, nearly 1,000 had applied for a license and the town clerk had to turn away checks.

By comparison, Deer Trail only has about 550 residents, and Steel says that most of the licenses have been sold to people from out of state.

But in response to the proposed ordinance in July, the Federal Aviation Administration has already warned that people who fire at drones could be prosecuted or fined, claiming that shooting down a drone could endanger the public and property.

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