Trespassing Deer Thwarted By School's Slippery Waxed Floor

It was like a scene from 'Bambi.'

A deer broke into a Virginia middle school last week, but probably quickly wished that it hadn't.

The deer couldn't handle what appears to be the freshly waxed floors of academia:

The moment was reminiscent of a scene from "Bambi," when the little deer is learning to skate:

The incident happened at Henley Middle School in Crozet, near Charlottesville, on Nov. 2.

"It picked a good day," Phil Giaramita, strategic communications officer for Albemarle County Public Schools, told the Daily Progress. "Students were off Monday and most teachers were at another location for professional development training. There was very sparse staff at all of our schools."

As the clip shows, once the deer got tired of slipping around a worker at the school dragged it back outside. The district said in the description on YouTube that the deer was safe.

(h/t Live Leak)

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