Wisconsin Man Legally Named Deez-Nuts Is Arrested In Domestic Altercation

This is one suspect whose name is arresting.
Mykhailo Polenok / 500px via Getty Images

A Green Bay, Wisconsin, man accused of using a deadly weapon, along with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, has a very arresting name.

That’s because the 42-year-old suspect’s full name is Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll.

The defendant with the nutty name was arrested March 5 after an incident involving a gun, according to CBS Green Bay affiliate WFRV TV.

The police said two others who were put into a squad car before Kroll’s arrest were identified as his daughter and her boyfriend.

Police then took a shirtless Kroll into custody, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun, which noted that the elder Kroll appeared to be ”highly intoxicated.”

The daughter and her boyfriend told officers they had argued with Kroll on the phone earlier in the evening over household chores and caring for the family’s puppies.

The couple said they found the residence locked when they showed up two hours later.

The couple told police that they repeatedly knocked on the door and, at one point, Kroll opened the door and punched his daughter in the shoulder.

He reportedly later threatened his daughter and her boyfriend with a BB gun that they said looked like a pistol.

Authorities say when they interviewed Kroll, he kept “talking in circles.”

Kroll was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and use of a dangerous weapon, which, if convicted, could net him a year in jail. He was released on a $1,000 bond on Wednesday and is next due in court on April 24.

The Smoking Gun reports that Kroll legally changed his first name from “Derrick” to “Dez-Nuts” in 2011, adding another “e” about six years later.

Dictionary.com notes that “Deez Nuts” is an expression “used to deliberately interrupt or divert a conversation.” The website says it is “not a literal reference to testicles” but a way “to disrupt and show disrespect to whatever discussion is currently occurring.”

Although the term was first used on Dr. Dre’s 1992 album, “The Chronic,” it really took hold in pop culture in 2015 when Brady Olson, a 15-year-old Iowa native, ran for president under the name and ended up scoring surprisingly well in early polls compared with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

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