Defending Ann Coulter

It's all free speech, and after the last few years, that's one of the few liberties we have left to hold on to.
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Recently Donny Deutsch, the CNBC quasi-personality tried to goad Ann Coulter regarding her views on Jews. Ann delivered a typical Coulter-ism and lo and behold Donny Deutsch gets press. Which he needs. His show, according to TVNewser frequently "scratches," i.e. gets so few viewers they statistically do not exist. Maybe they are scared off by Deutch's Agnes Moorehead-like reading glasses.

Twice now Elizabeth and John Edwards have quite publicly pronounced their indignation at remarks Coulter made regarding John Edward's masculinity. The campaign dollars poured in. Notice a pattern?

More than a few HuffPo posts have been devoted to Coulter lately. It's understandable liberals rail against President Bush. They are protesting his actions, not his words. Okay, maybe we should all protest his syntax. But Ann Coulter simply offers up words. Sometimes bizarre, imprudent words, but simply words nonetheless. For this she has to travel to speeches with a bodyguard.

What is more offensive; Ann Coulter's remarks about 9/11 widows, or women being tortured to death in Saw? Her thoughts on Muslims, or women being tortured to death in Saw 2? Her writing on Bill Clinton, or women being tortured to death in Saw 3? Need I comment on how offensive last weekend's grosses were for Saw 4?

But it's all free speech, and after the last few years, that's one of the few liberties we have left to hold on to. Ann Coulter stirs the pot, and her remarks are all the more infuriating because they come packaged in a hot little black cocktail dress. Tell the truth, you've wondered what it would be like, haven't you? I thought so.

Republicans don't so much like Ann for what she says. We like her because she has big brass balls, unlike most Republicans in Washington right now. Guiliani? Whipped. Romney? A pretty boy. Huckabee? Diet freak. Thompson? He dated Lorie Morgan for God's sake. You think Democrats are frustrated with Republicans? Trust me, Red Staters are far more frustrated. We want a man. That man is Ann.

Ann Coulter fearlessly says what she says, and in doing so exercises her right to free speech. The entertainment community should be particularly sensitive to this. Remember Theo Van Gogh? Ann Coulter is not hurting anyone, but she is making them think. Don't ban Ann, as some groups are suggesting. Ban the thought police.

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