Defining A Witch

Every week or so I read another essay on what constitutes a witch. I know I shouldn’t respond to this stuff but sometimes I can’t help myself. Some rant on about the so-called Wiccan three-fold law of return, claiming they have no need of such a thing. Honestly, it’s simply about cause and effect albeit a more eloquent expression of it in my opinion. And I’m not Wiccan.

Another concern seems to center on how we initially came to the craft. Did we have a witchy grandmother? Or perhaps a friend of a witchy persuasion? Or maybe we felt compelled at some point, drawn by the Goddess to her unifying resonance. For some witches, belonging to a coven is the right path, while for others the solitary path feels right.

Some of us have witches in our ancestry as I do, with some burned for their truth. But does any of this make a witch? Do we really need to stand in judgment of those who walk a similar path because they may take a different approach?

Instead of seeing all as other expressions of self, witches included, we see only the other, finding reasons to define them as less than. In this time of ascension, the awareness of witches can help guide others to awakening so it makes no sense to be at odds with each other.

Traditions are nice but they depend upon a historical record that isn’t necessarily accurate. My own witch history moves throughout ancient Europe and Asia, influenced by, among many others, King Solomon and the Druids. Does that magickal history make me more of a witch than someone else?


I think if we all knew how manipulated our historical record has been over thousands of years (unfortunately it appears by my ancestors..I’m so sorry about that) we’d be shocked. Or maybe not. I’ve come to the conclusion, however, that we know very little about our history because it tends to be written by those in power. Spend some time reading the works of Howard Zinn and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

From channeled texts such as A Course In Miracles, Seth Speaks, and The Law of One we’ve learned that the One became the many in an effort to know more. Although we appear separate, it’s an illusion of form the Creator uses to experience life in an ever-expanding manner. So in a sense, we write our own story, one that is as valid as anyone else’s. Instead of defining another witch as real or not, why not express an interest in how witches define themselves?

You never know. You just might learn something.

Witches understand the world from a unique perspective irrespective of how they came to the craft. We sense the underlying connection between self and the physical world, experiencing unity where others see separation. We use that experience in our magickal workings to align in unified presence, raise energy, casting our intention to the universe.

In alignment with our unified or Source presence, we hold the space for others to embrace that resonance in full awareness of their fundamental truth. And with so many awakening now, witches need to remain focused.

It’s not that a binding spell now and again isn’t appropriate, or a curse or hex if that’s your persuasion, but magickal workings which focus on alignment and awakening allow others who are ready to bring themselves into alignment with our unified presence. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed and it’s the greatest gift we can give others.

We cannot make that choice for anyone else. All we can do is remain aligned and ready.

Blessed Be