Oprah Asks 'Super Soul Sunday' Guests To Define God (VIDEO)

When it comes to a concept as abstract as God, a definition can be elusive. Yet, on a recent episode of Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday," eight thoughtful guests -- from vulnerability researcher Brené Brown to the legendary Tina Turner -- attempted to describe the indescribable.

In the above video, Brown defines God with self-reflection in mind. "[God is] the divine reminder of our inherent worthiness," she says.

Bestselling author Steven Pressfield begins his definition of God by admitting how even he has trouble finding the right words to use. "First of all, I think we can't conceive of it. God is too big of a concept," Pressfield says. "It's whatever was before anything was, whatever will be long after everything is gone. [It's] supreme consciousness and force of love in the universe."

Past-life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss has a similar response. "God is indescribable. We don't have words and concepts, but it's in part understanding the energy that connects all of us together," he tells Oprah. "That's a clue into the nature of God."

Watch above to hear the rest of the definitions, including Tina Turner's distinction between what God is and what God isn't, as well as the one-word explanation Dr. Maya Angelou uses to define the divine.

"Super Soul Sunday" airs on Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.