Walking Definition Of An Entitled Millennial Swears He's Not An Entitled Millennial

Michael Rotondo was court-ordered to move out of his parents’ home.

This is more bonkers than paying $19 for smashed avocado on toast.

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who was court-ordered to move out of his parents’ home, spoke with Brooke Baldwin of CNN on Wednesday ― and their chat went way off the rails.

Toward the end of the interview, Baldwin told Rotondo that many people reacted to his story by saying millennials are entitled, and asked him what he thought of that criticism.

“I would say that I’m really not a member of that demographic,” Rotondo said. “I’m a very conservative person. The millennials that they are speaking to are very liberal in their ideology...”

“But you’re 30, so technically, I think you are part of the millennial generation,” Baldwin replied.

“You’re right ... but when people speak to the millennials and their general nature as a millennial, they speak to more liberal leanings, in my opinion. Do you disagree?”

“I think a millennial is a millennial is a millennial, based upon the year that you were born,” Baldwin said, though she added that Rotondo had the right to say he doesn’t feel that he fits the stereotype.

On that awkward note, Baldwin then attempted to end the interview, but Rotondo abruptly interrupted:

“I’m a millennial.”

After the interview, Baldwin responded like this:


“So that … was one of the most surreal interviews we’ve taken part of here in the last little while,” Baldwin said. “But I genuinely wish him and his parents luck.”

So … anyone need a roommate?

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