Defying Silence
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Dawn came without braking. In silence the sun rose, cresting the horizon wordlessly. Soft, dim light caressed the river flowing deep over the rocks. Mirrored glass smooth at the shore, barely a ripple lapping. A lone heron perched statuesque, hoping that breakfast would swim by. Rustless leaves waved in the cool breeze, clinging to the last vestiges of summer. Muted colors hinted of their daytime exuberance, now muted in their dimness. The boats at moor drifted to and fro, at the mercy of the current and the tide. Their sails furled wanting the unseen breeze that would dance them own the river. Summer fading to falls promise of winter. Days becoming shorter and sunshine more precious than diamonds and rubies. The silence echoed thoughtlessly in my mind, not a word needing to be spoken. Calm, gentle, and serene. And even for just a moment, all was right with the world.

In the chaos of our lives, we rarely stop long enough to listen to our calming silence. Hustle and bustle we run, always something or somewhere we are not. Lists and bills, kids and chaos, jobs waiting to be done. Rarely a moment to waste. If we stop, we will get further behind and have to run to catch-up. Control the crazy and get through to the done.

But each moment in still silence allows us to empty the chaos. Focusing on the silence, chasing the to-dos and tadas away. Not thinking just allowing the stress of the world to seep out in silence. More powerful than a hectic vacation, it is a moment of respite to let be what will be.

If we can find moments of still, we can lessen our daily burdens and allow the goodness to fill. Meditation, prayer or just simple gratitude will fill the void with joy. Breathing out the stress and inhaling the serenity.

Life is good.

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