Degayifying America on the Brink of a Gay Revolution

In the last week, as I've sat back and read article after article on gay rights either being smashed or questioned, I've come to a realization; I am sick and tired of having my sexuality used as a political tool to further the careers of politicians who don't really give a rat's ass about me or my issues in the first place. They are simply using our rights to gain public attention and leverage votes. First in the series of events was Trump's statement that if elected he would work diligently to reverse marriage equality. Right on his heels were articles about Rubio's consistent statements against marriage equality. The issue of transgender bathroom rights is on the news almost daily. And just this week, Michigan nearly reinstated sodomy laws, which have already been ruled unconstitutional years ago. What exactly is going on in the United States? It isn't a mystery that LGBT rights are not accepted by all, but this turn backwards seems to be a glaring statement that the conservative agenda is to degayify America, all in the hopes of furthering their political careers.

In trying to understand politics, I often attempt to put myself in the shoes of the politicians and try to understand their motives. While I appreciate that they may lean certain ways in regards to some issues, I do not understand why some politicians feel so strongly about LGBT rights. I never have and I never will. I have never in my entire life felt so personally convicted about any one issue that doesn't personally relate to me on a daily basis, even those issues based on spiritual convictions, that I felt the need to work against those people and take them down. That is not politics; it is obsession. It is corrupt and it is evil. Why does a Governor stand so strongly behind his Christian convictions that he is willing to allow his state to flounder financially just for his own selfish beliefs. This is obviously not looking out for the good of all people. I do not pretend for one second to believe I could efficiently manage a political office on a county, state or federal level, but I do think I would be able to put my personal beliefs aside for the professional wellbeing of the whole. Isn't this the reason we hired these people in the first place?

As I've watched these stories unfold it became immediately obvious to me that LGBT rights will be THE issue which divides the United States. The further the conservative right push us into a corner, working to take away rights we have worked hard for and were finally given, will only anger and outrage the LGBT community. I believe it will push most of us further left, forcing a true division. Even those allies of ours who support our beliefs will be forced to make serious decisions. Do they support the human rights of their friends or do they support a need for a financial restructuring of the United States. If Facebook and other social media are any example of a microcosm of the world, people's personal beliefs will force apart friendships and other relationships. Daily, people will be "Defriended", but in real terms.

I believe the LGBT community will then rally together and start to take a more serious stand for their rights than has ever been seen in United States history before. Our power may not be in votes, but it is in many other ways. I think there is a conservative, stereotypical view that gay men are hosting dinner parties at home watching RuPaul's Drag Race and lesbians are holding down fort as intellectual academics on college campuses. While these stereotypes do hold true in some areas of our world, we are so much more. We are farmers, doctors, teachers and lawyers. We are fast food workers, meter maids, stockbrokers and artists. We are writers, entertainers, singers and actors. We are construction workers, hair stylists, auto mechanics and contractors. We are counselors, ministers, rabbis, waiters and waitresses. We are chefs and cooks, police officers and members of the armed service. We are African American, Latino, Asian, White and any possible ethnicity imaginable. We are 10, 20, 30 and 40, yes, but we are also 50, 60, 70, 80 and even 90 and 100. Many of us are out, but many of us are still afraid to come out. We are politicians, voters, and yes, we are human.

We are different in many ways, but we are Americans, and we are human.
I do not believe we will sit idly by and have our rights ripped from our hands as we yet again watch the careers of politicians soar on the wings of our lives. I think this time, we'll take a stand. I think we'll use our differences, united, to force change in this country. LGBT Pride will be seen like never before. The initiative to force us back in the closet will in affect force us to sing us from the highest mountain. I think it will be beautiful and I think it is time. Love will be the language we speak when our whispers grow into a roar... I am human and I deserve rights too.

It is time.

Much love,


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