Deja Vu: Anti-war Protestors vs. Anti-government Protestors

I'm a baby boomer and went to UC Berkeley and was part of the Vietnam anti-war movement. It seems that our generation's protest over what our government was doing did have an impact.

Why should it be so strange that Millennials would now be protesting what our government is failing to do?

If my generation could stop a war, why should we be surprised when our children believe they can stop government as usual?

And with regards to our being in Vietnam because we had to stop the "evil empire" from spreading, it doesn't appear that our fears or concerns were justified.

Regarding the present election and what we need in leadership, what I would love to see happen is the creation of "Build Upon Leadership."

I have been discussing that with my friend and former Mayor of Augusta, GA, Deke Copenhaver. We don't have an answer but we both agree that it would be a great and much needed change in government if whatever changes occur during someone's term in office could be so noble, uplifting, practical and serving the greater good that they could be "built upon" instead of repudiated, criticized and the target of subsequent administrations to tear apart.

For example, Obamacare is obviously flawed, but it has been a successful effort to get a foothold in providing healthcare to the uninsured, certainly something that the "most free" nation on earth should be ashamed to not provide. A foothold, even a toehold, is not something to be thrown away. Why not revisit what is good about Obamacare and build upon that and jettison what is not working and what cannot be turned around.

I am not here to be a passionate advocate for Obamacare, however I am a passionate advocate for not throwing the baby out with the bathwater every time an administration changes.