Delete Your Facebook Account: 'Quit Facebook Day' Wants Users To Leave

Delete Your Facebook Account: 'Quit Facebook Day' Wants Users To Leave

As controversy swells around Facebook's latest changes to its privacy policy--which is now longer than the Constitution and offers some 50 settings and over 170 options--users' interest in deleting their Facebook accounts has soared.

A group of dissatisfied Facebook users have teamed up in an effort to organize a mass, coordinated exodus from Facebook--and they're using social networks to do it.

Their site,, asks users to "commit to quit" Facebook on May 31 by signing their name or Twitter handle to the list of pledges.

The cause has attracted several hundred pledges--about 780 at the time of writing.

There's also a Facebook Page devoted to the planned exit.

"If you agree that Facebook doesn't respect you, your personal data or the future of the Web, you may want to join us," explains.

For those who oppose Facebook's new privacy policy, but find "Quit Facebook Day" too extreme, there is an alternative that doesn't require immediately letting go of Facebook-based online social connections, photos or videos.

Facebook Protest seeks to challenge Facebook's recent push for more openness by proposing a boycott of Facebook services on June 6.

"Facebook's real customer is the advertisers that they work with: NOT YOU," Facebook Protest's official statement reads. The soon-to-be protesters also ask participants to:

commit to not logging in or interacting with Facebook in any way. Be sure to log out of Facebook in all of your browsers no later than the evening of June 5th. On the 6th, be sure to not use Facebook connect or click any "Like" buttons: basically refrain from ALL Facebook related activity.

The movement already has a following on Twitter (@FacebookProtest), and even has its own Facebook Event page.

On the other hand, if you want to delete your Facebook account without waiting until May 31 (or June) here's how.

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