Delete Instagram: How To Download Your Photos, Kill Your Account And Find Alternatives

How To Break Up With Instagram

There's trouble in vintage-tinted photo land.

Instagram's new terms of service, which allow the company to profit from users' photos without notifying, compensating or allowing them to opt out, have a lot of users understandably upset. Some are publicly announcing their departure from the photo-sharing service.

If you're among the livid looking to disconnect from the virtual world of food photos, cloudporn and filtered selfies, here are three quick and easy steps to breaking up with Instagram: Download your photos; upload them to a new service; delete your account.

1.) Download Instagram photos to your hard drive.

Wired recommends Instaport, which currently archives your photos as a .zip file. The service will be adding Facebook, Flickr and RSS support in the future.

As notes, you can always just email your favorite Instagram photos to yourself.

2.) Upload your archive to another service.

Flickr's new app for mobile devices was dubbed an "Instagram killer" by Hyperallergic, and its online photo management and sharing application remains incredibly popular.

There's also OpenPhoto, which syncs photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr to a DropBox, or Amazon S3 account.

Here are some other Instagram alternatives.

The service will walk you through deactivating your profile. Just make sure you really want to. Once removed, you won't be able to reactivate your account or reuse your old username if you re-join.


Under Instagram's new terms of service, which go into effect Jan. 16, 2013, the company can utilize users' personal data -- including geo-location data -- in targeted ads that might not even be clearly identified as such.

And while it can cherry pick user photos for this purpose without providing compensation, users are still ultimately responsible for any issues arising from photos they take and post.

(h/t Wired)

What do you think of Instagram's new terms of service? Let us know in the comments.

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