This Is Why You Should Delete Facebook Permanently

YouTuber Matthew Frederick -- better known as "Matthias" to the Internet -- is going to delete his Facebook page permanently, and he wants you to join him.

In his most recent video, Frederick argues a number of Facebook's recent updates are too personally invasive. To prove his point, he cites Facebook's new audio recognition system and Facebook's sketchy history with the NSA as two such examples.

Maybe the real question is, if Facebook were a person, would you really want to be friends with it? Frederick argues the answer would be a resounding no.

After all, what kind of person wants a friend who reads someone else's texts and emails and has a sketchy history with the NSA?

"Deleting your Facebook account won't all of the sudden fix everything," Frederick acknowledges. "But what it will do is start a conversation about what we find important and how we can protect that."

Well said.