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Deli Sandwiches: Classic Recipes For Reubens, Monte Cristos And More (PHOTOS)


We all have our favorite deli spot for lunch -- whether it's the gourmet chain with sky-high prices or the really tasty deli around the corner that we assumed would have been closed by the health department by now. The sandwiches -- and the convenience -- keep us coming back every time. But what do you do when you've got a craving for a classic Reuben when your go-to deli is closed? The only thing you can do is make a sandwich yourself -- it's not that hard really, especially when you've got recipes for the most mouthwatering sandwich creations around.

We've found our favorite classic deli sandwiches around the web (see them in the slideshow below).

Reuben Sandwich

Deli Sandwiches

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