Delivery Bikers In New York City Could Face Fines Of $100 For Riding On Sidewalk

City Council members are reportedly looking into increasing fines to $100 for delivery cyclists who illegally ride on sidewalks.

The Daily News reports on the council's latest target, the "annoying commercial cyclists," who are apparently causing a menace throughout the city.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan detailed the fine increase, as well a plan to get more law enforcement agents to patrol for sidewalk violations. "A lot of the problem has to do with commercial sector. Everyone wants their food delivered really fast and they don’t want to wait 10 minutes more for it."

The city recently launched a "Don't Be A Jerk" campaign to highlight the importance of responsible biking and adhering to traffic rules.

In 2011, food ordering site Seamless similarly announced a plan for diners to check a database to see which restaurants have trained their deliverymen and women about bike safety.

Delivery bikers may indeed be known for disobeying traffic laws, but their hectic lifestyle and high pressure to get takeout delivered quickly are rarely noticed, with few advocates to defend them.

As a former owner of a messenger company explains, "It’s one of those things that New Yorkers just look away from. Delivery workers are like dishwashers on wheels."

And plus, riding in the bike lane can be very hazardous: