Delivery Driver Leaves Package Exactly Where Customer Requested

But in hindsight, it probably wasn't the best spot.

A FedEx delivery driver did exactly as requested by leaving a parcel under a doormat.

But whether the customer's instructions needed to be carried out exactly to the letter is up for debate.

The package ended up being way too big for its hiding spot -- and it wasn't concealed from the view of potential thieves at all.

Aaron Lambert, aka Reddit user ajl5991, posted images of the customer's request and the location where he left the box to picture-sharing community Imgur and Facebook on Friday.

Click on the "next" button above to see where the parcel was left.

The images were captioned, "I'm just here to serve the customer."

Lambert told The Huffington Post that he took the picture in Portland, Oregon. The post has since gone viral, with more than 900,000 views, but even his bosses saw the funny side.

"I love being the driver, you get to meet so many people and be outside all day," he said via email. "Plus there's opportunities like this when you can have a little bit of fun that really doesn't hurt anyone."

Presuming the package wasn't stolen, at least the homeowner wouldn't have trouble retrieving it -- unlike this person in England, whose parcel ended up being delivered to the top of their roof.

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