Goofball Delivery Driver Leaves Package In Most Ridiculous Place

"It was obviously a silly thing to do and this is very embarrassing," the delivery company admitted.

Delivery drivers usually leave packages with neighbors when you're not in. Not this goofball.

A driver making a delivery to a Birmingham, England, home Wednesday spotted an open second-floor window, and decided to try and throw the package inside. But he spectacularly missed, and it somehow ended up on the roof.

The homeowner returned to find a note from the Yodel delivery service saying he'd missed the delivery and a scrawled message that read, "Sorry, top off your roof."

Yodel spotted the tweet, and has since apologized for its driver's actions.

A company spokesman later said the driver had been aiming for the open window but missed.

"It was obviously a silly thing to do and this is very embarrassing. To his credit, the driver returned to the house with some ladders in his own time to retrieve the parcel and apologize to the customer,” the spokesman told the Mirror.

"We have apologized and are sending a bouquet of flowers to the customer," he added.

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