Delivery Man Publicly Shames Bad Tippers On Blog

Delivery Man Publicly Shames Bad Tippers On Blog

Perhaps to prove that what's goes around really does come around, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn delivery man has taken to the blogosphere to broadcast all the bad tippers he comes in contact with. His blog, 15%, chronicles the tight purse strings tendencies of certain customers, in an effort to publicly shame their stinginess. Customer addresses have now been removed, due to Tumblr's request, reports

The mastermind behind the blog is Larry Fox, a 20-year-old designer and developer. He told Gothamist that the reason for starting his blog was that he "just got tired of all these big companies, these TV shows and movie sets giving us two or three dollar tips on a $90 order."

Fox is not only broadcasting bad tippers, but also answering readers' questions. Some highlights (also submitted by other delivery men):

  • "Went out into a Level Two Snow Emergency (We are not even supposed to be delivering, but dedication wins out over common sense) And got a whopping 0.50 tip from the guy."
  • "Lorimer St. tipped me one dollar to bring him a sandwich during a hail/rain/thunder storm….I hate you."
  • "Manhattan Ave. greenpoint took you 8 minutes exactly to come downstairs after two phonecalls (14 stairs in a standard american stairwell) because you don’t have a functional buzzer like everyone else in brooklyn."
  • "corner of meserole ave. end of delivery zone - about 23 blocks from my restaurant for 4 slices of pie during prime dinnertime. two bucks for well over a mile. thanks for the two bucks to bust my ass because you didn’t specify your cross-street as meserole ave from street bro. not on deck. i dropped your food a few times. whoops."
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