'Delivery Man' Trailer: Vince Vaughn Is Father Of The Year (VIDEO)

Vince Vaughn hasn't had much luck at the box office over the past four years: His last feature to cross $100 million was "Couples Retreat" in 2009, and recent films like "The Dilemma," "The Watch" and this year's "The Internship" have all disappointed. Perhaps, "Delivery Man" is the answer to Vaughn's troubles. For one thing, it drops the "The" from the title. (It's cleaner.)

Based on the Canadian film "Starbuck," "Delivery Man" focuses on David Wozniak (Vaughn), a ne'er-do-well manchild who finds out that he fathered 533 kids after making donations to a sperm bank. After 142 of the now-grown children file a lawsuit to reveal their father's identity, David decides to do one better: He becomes the kids' guardian angel, much to the chagrin of his lawyer (played by Chris Pratt).

Ken Scott, who directed "Starbuck," handles things for "Delivery Man." Based on the trailer, he might provide Vaughn with the kind of funny-sweet needle-threading that so few of the star's recent films have managed to accomplish.

"Delivery Man" is out on Nov. 22.

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