Delta Stands Up To Ann Coulter, Becomes A Hero On Social Media

Airline fires back after conservative commentator's Twitter tirade.
07/16/2017 11:55pm ET | Updated July 17, 2017

Delta Air Lines is drawing rave reviews on social media for something it did while on the ground.

The airline took to Twitter on Sunday to defend itself after being bashed by Ann Coulter for allegedly giving her “carefully chosen” seat to another passenger.

Along with attacking the airline, the conservative commentator also posted pictures of the passenger she said got her seat.

Delta replied:

While airlines are usually on the wrong end of the ire of social media, Delta’s reply drew plenty of praise, such as this tweet:

Delta answered:

Coulter, however wasn’t very happy with the reply. She wrote:

CNBC reported that Coulter had initially booked a window seat, which she changed to an aisle seat within 24 hours of departure. The network said Delta moved her back to a window seat in the same row to accommodate other passengers and after “some confusion over seating assignments.”

Coulter then took to social media to attack the airline, its workers, its union and even the wifi.

The airline’s response to the tirade drew plenty of praise:

UPDATE: This story has been updated to include Coulter’s response to Delta.

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