Delta Air Lines Is Bringing Back Free Meals

Finally, a perk returns to air travel.

Peace out, peanuts.

Delta is bringing back free economy-class meals on some of its longest domestic flights. Starting next month, economy travelers on designated cross-country routes will be able to nibble wraps, cookies and cheese plates at no extra charge.

Economy-class lunch options include a whole grain veggie wrap.
Delta Air Lines
Economy-class lunch options include a whole grain veggie wrap.

Delta’s new meal service will launch March 1 on flights from JFK Airport to San Francisco and Los Angeles, according to a press release. In April, it will expand to 10 more routes including Boston to Seattle and Washington, D.C. to LAX. Both main cabin tickets and cheaper basic economy tickets will include meal service, a spokesman told HuffPost.

For breakfast, fliers will be able to choose between a honey maple sandwich, breakfast medley or fruit and cheese plate. Lunch options include a mesquite-smoked turkey combo, whole grain veggie wrap or fruit and cheese plate. Overnight flights will feature a breakfast bar. Menus will change often to include seasonal ingredients, Delta says.

Free economy-class meals largely disappeared in the 2000s, USA Today notes. Delta, which is known to have some of the best airplane food in premium cabins, is the first major U.S. airline to bring them back on cross-country flights. It wouldn’t be a surprise if other airlines like United, which started offering free cookies last year, follow suit, industry analyst Seth Kaplan told the Associated Press.

We’re so ready.

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