Delta's Pre-Flight Safety Videos Become Unpredictable (VIDEO)

WATCH: Delta's Unpredictable New Pre-Flight Safety Videos

With all the animosity towards airlines these days, it behooves carriers to make themselves a little more appealing by giving their customers a laugh. One popular way for airlines to show their lighthearted side is by getting goofy with safety videos.

Delta is getting in on the act with a series of new videos that, according to Fast Company, will "change over time in little ways, so you may never see the same one twice." Check out the version of the video above and the one below and try and spot all the goofy interpretations of predictable safety rules.

This game of spot the differences could become a staple for passengers flying on Delta. That is the idea anyway.

As appealing as these vids are, Air New Zealand retains its title as king of the goofy safety vids, having just premiered a new Hobbit-themed video. Before that, the airline had an animated bit featuring the likenesses of Barack Obama, Ed O'Neill and more. And, who could forget the iterations featuring nude flight attendants, or the ever-perky Richard Simmons?

Going the live-action route, Cebu Pacific Air is known for putting on enthralling safety shows. In an effort to make passengers pay better attention, the Manila-based airline started doing it's safety demonstrations to pop songs, including "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and "The Safety Dance."

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