Delta Puts Trump Supporters Who Harassed Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham On No-Fly List

The Republican senators were called "traitors" by right-wing Trump fans while waiting to board their flights last week.

Delta has put some of President Donald Trump’s most aggressive supporters on a no-fly list, after they harassed Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Mitt Romney (Utah) in airports last week.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said that passengers who targeted the senators would no longer be able to fly on the airline.

The airline confirmed the move to The Hill without elaborating on the details.

One of the incidents that inspired Delta’s ban took place on Jan. 5, when Romney was heckled while waiting for a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington, D.C., by a group of people shouting “traitor” him for not going along with Trump’s bogus election fraud scheme.

Romney shrugged off the abuse, telling HuffPost, “That’s something I’ve gotten used to over the years. That’s the nature of politics, unfortunately.”

The incident involving Graham happened on Jan. 8 at Ronald Reagan National Airport outside of Washington, two days after the South Carolina senator broke with the president, who incited a mob attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Graham was looking at his phone when a group of people yelled “traitor” and obscenities at him.

HuffPost asked Delta whether Graham and Romney flew the airline on those particular days, and how the harassers will be notified of the ban. Delta did not immediately respond.

The ban comes as the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will tighten penalty enforcement against passengers who physically or verbally threaten airline crew or passengers, according to The Hill.

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