Dem Governors Demand RGA Remove Political Terrorism-Themed Ad

The Democratic Governors Association is demanding that its counterpart, the Republican Governors Association, take down an online video that it claims glorifies domestic political terrorism.

More than a week after the RGA stirred the pot with an online ad themed around the story of 17th-century British radical Guy Fawkes, the DGA still is weighing into the debate.

"In light of the dangerous overtones of their radical 'Remember November' video, we are calling on Haley Barbour and the Republican Governors Association to put a stop to this ad now," Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, said in a statement sent to the Huffington Post on Wednesday.

"Unfortunately, instead of doing the right thing, the RGA is attacking the media for pointing out the fact that this ad glorifies a 17th-century terrorist who has captured the imagination of the GOP base. Now they're even fundraising to air their incendiary video on national television."

On the weekend of April 25, the RGA unveiled the website RememberNovember.com that graciously incorporated the story and symbolism of Fawkes, the anti-government terrorist who attempted to blow up the House of Parliament and kill King James I. The RGA video did not promote political terrorism itself, just the concept of a sweeping change in governance: with Obama cast in the role of King James and the Republican Party adopting the Fawkes cause. (Fawkes, it should be noted, was the inspiration for the movie "V for Vendetta", which, in turn, became an inspiration for the Ron Paul presidential campaign).

Produced with impressive technological savvy, the video succeeded in its design: to spur conversation and garner attention in the broader media. When several outlets questioned the underlying message, the RGA put out a response ad mocking the objectors and adding another fundraising appeal.

"No political committee should fundraise off of terrorism," said Daschle. "If Haley Barbour won't keep this ad off the air, Republican candidates running with RGA help - candidates like Charlie Baker, Scott McInnis and Meg Whitman - should do what is right and tell the RGA to take down their ad."

Asked for a response to the statement, RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf emailed the following: "The DGA deserves an Oscar for their wild imagination and faux outrage. The only thing incendiary about the video is their response."