DeMarcus Cousins Got Ejected And Needed To Be Restrained Afterwards In Kings-Rockets Game (VIDEO)

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins got ejected for the eighth time in his career on Tuesday night and then became so angry that he needed to be restrained from one of the officials.

Early in the third quarter, Cousins was called for a foul while defending Houston's Dwight Howard. Of course, the big man out of Kentucky disagreed with the call. After Howard shot his first free throw, referee Courtney Kirkland handed Cousins a technical foul. Again, Cousins disputed the call and asked Kirkland what he had done. Kings coach Michael Malone tried to stand up for his center during a break. That's when Cousins erupted.

As Malone spoke with Kirkland, Cousins got out of his seat, approached the official and started screaming at him. A couple of assistant coaches had to hold him back while Kirkland ejected him. After Houston's blowout win, Cousins posted an apology on his Twitter account.

Cousins leads the NBA in technical fouls this season with 15 and will face a one-game suspension if he gets his 16th. In almost four full seasons, Cousins has racked up eight ejections, 58 technical fouls.



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