DeMarcus Cousins Gets Frustrated, Flips Out On A Folding Chair

You wouldn't like DeMarcus Cousins when he's angry. Especially if you're a chair.

Refs called the Sacramento Kings center on three fouls before the end of the second quarter during Wednesday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Cousins, clearly frustrated with the call, struggled to find an outlet for his anger.

He nearly spiked the ball, then saw a referee, realized it'd result in yet another foul, and wisely reconsidered. Then he pulled out his mouthguard and almost winged it into the stands, but again, stopped short. Cousins steamed as he paced toward the sideline, fans booing (presumably at the ref), and then it all came out with one well-placed kick on an empty chair:

"Watch out, chair!" one of the TV commentators yelled. Despite his advance warning, the chair -- being a chair -- failed to get out of the way and took the full force of the kick, eliciting an "Ooooh!" from the sportscasters. (Keep an eye on the terrified spectators behind the bench.)

Things didn't improve much for Cousins later in the game, reports NBC Sports, when he took two elbows straight to the face:



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