Demetri Cirillo Finds $750,000 Worth Of Checks In The Trash, Calls Police To Return Them

Short on cash? Look in the trash.

Demetri Cirillo of Boca Raton, Fla., found more than $750,000 worth of checks in a gas station garbage can, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. But instead of stealing the bounty, Cirillo called police because, he says, he knows what it’s like to lose a huge sum of money.

The avid coin collector lost at least $100,000 worth of rare currency when his SUV’s tire blew out, the car flipped six times and scattered coins across the highway -- some of which were snapped up by passersby.

"What goes around comes around," Cirillo told the Sun Sentinel. "I wanted to do the right thing,"

Remarkably, other people have stumbled upon cash and returned it to the rightful owner. A Tennessee man called police after he found nearly $13,000 in cash (as well as some cologne) in a bag sitting on top of a trash can at a convenience store, according to Yahoo! News. And in Wellesley, Mass., a Brazilian immigrant handyman of modest means took pains to return the $20,000 to $30,000 he found while sorting through old books and magazines.

(Still, not everyone is so generous. An Arkansas woman cashed a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million after she found it in the trash last year. A judge ruled she had to give the winnings to the woman who bought the ticket but threw it away.)



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