Demi & Ashton Plan Dinner, Sex Via Twitpics (PHOTOS)

Here's a glimpse into a night at the Kutcher-Moore household. From separate rooms in their shared LA home Thursday night, Ashton and Demi planned a dinner menu and a bedroom rendezvous by writing dialogue on their bodies and sending the pictures over Twitter. Demi's teenage daughter Tallulah got pulled in right before things turned sexual.

Note the product placement. Both Demi and Ashton pose with a package of 'Wanted' perfume, Helena Rubinstein's new fragrance that Demi is fronting. Demi previously called on fans to tweet pictures of what they wanted written on their hands. Most wishes were more along the lines of marriage equality, ending war and their children's happiness than takeout food and sex.

Ashton once famously tweeted a picture of his wife's panty-clad tush.

What do you think of their electronic flirting? VOTE on which Twitpics you are least able to stomach.


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