Joe Jonas Surprises Demi Lovato Onstage With 'Camp Rock' Duet

This is real.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have had a lot of guests on their concert tour, but THIS is the final jam we’ve been waiting for. 

While the pair performed at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, Joe Jonas (Nick Jonas’ brother, former real-life love interest of Lovato and current DNCE singer) surprised Lovato onstage with their “This Is Me (Gotta Find You)” duet from Disney’s “Camp Rock.”

The surprise initially looks like it’s going to give Lovato a heart attttaaaaccccck. But she quickly remembered her “Camp Rock” training, and this happened:

Good luck keeping your cool for the summer after that.

Here it is again: 

After the performance, Joe shared a picture from the moment on Instagram, writing, “Surprising Demi with Gotta find you was something I will never forget! Thanks for having me guys! Amazing show you two put on. Proud to have such talented wonderful people in my life.” 

This whole thing is even sweeter than eating actual cake by the ocean. Less filling, but way sweeter. 


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